Pipedrive - Quickbooks with OneClick

Learn here how you can create Quickbooks invoices with the right products and prices with just one click in Pipedrive.

Just OneClick

You have integrated Pipedrive and Quickbooks.  You can now send invoices quickly and easily. 

But perhaps you want to have more control over invoicing.  You can use Zimple OneClick to create invoices from Pipedrive deals with just one click, at the right time, for each deal.

  1. Install OneClick in Pipedrive. It’s easy and free.
  2. Once done, the app will appear in Pipedrive’s left sidebar for deals, orgs, and persons.
  3. Build a zapier.com Zap or a make.com Scenario to create the invoice at OneClick
We’ll use Zapier in this example:

How to build a zap?