OneClick for Pipedrive

Extend Your Pipedrive with just one click

Trigger anything in your Pipedrive with OneClick. You will have more control with the integrations in Pipedrive and you will see that this app truly enhances your Pipedrive experience.

OneClick for Pipedrive

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Extend Your Pipedrive with just one click

Trigger anything in your Pipedrive with OneClick. You will have more control with the integrations in Pipedrive and you will see that this app truly enhances your Pipedrive experience.

What is OneClick?

OneClick is essentially the only way to create automation buttons for Pipedrive. You can name the buttons and define who can see them and where. OneClick allows you to create buttons in your Pipedrive's deal, organization and person views.

  • Create action buttons in Pipedrive
  • Mark data fields that are necessary with the button click
  • Select which users can use the buttons
  • Select where the buttons are shown
    (deal, organisation, person, stage, pipeline)
  • Retrieve messages back to the OneClick panel

After installing OneClick, you have to create a Webhook URL in your selected IPAAS Software

You may always contact one of OneClick partners world wide. All our partners are also Pipedrive partners so you will have great support at your hands.

Also, check out our comprehensive help material and use cases for great success.

Learn from our use cases

How to start with OneClick for Pipedrive

Select your Integration Platform

The following apps are supported. We have mostly used Make and Zapier, but we know these all work perfectly with OneClick.

If you are unsure what to do with these, please contact one of our partners below. We are aware that there are dozens of similar services. To name a few, Microsoft PowerAutomate and Flashnode are good options for you to check out. All that OneClick requires from the service is an ability to provide a callback URL for each button.

This is your choice if you are just starting with your first integrations. Zapier provides an access to thousands of different services and the plans aren't expensive.

Formerly known as Integromat - is also a cost-efficient and easy-to-use platform for no-coding. In case your integration needs are more complex, choose Make.

Frends is a newcomer in the IPAAS selection. More costly system, but clearly made for companies that have more demands what comes to enterprise integrations.

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Pricing Plan

Start With one user for free


Free / Month

Free for one Pipedrive user with all features.
  • Create as many buttons as you wish
  • Enjoy all the features
  • Well, it is only you soldier
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€3,90 / Month / OneClick user

Experience all premium features with your team. Contact OneClick Partner to subscribe.
  • Pricing is applicable after the second active user.
  • Package available via the OneClick Partners!!
Let's go and select a partner

Contact OneClick Partners

These companies are truly Pipedrive experts. We trust you’ll find all sorts of OneClick possibilities in their hands!
If you can’t find a partner in your country or region, please contact us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Dáváme s.r.o., Czechia

The most reliable Pipedrive CRM partner in the Czech and Slovak market with over 250 implemented solutions. Helping clients with automations and integrating with their existing systems.


Pipedrive Experts, Germany

The 1st (and so far only) Germany based Pipedrive Elite Partner. More than 100 satisfied Pipedrive customers have set up or improved their CRM with PD-Experts.


LeAndolini Solutions Ltd., Israel

Business Automation agency specializing in sales automation and improving sales processes by integrating sales and marketing., Norway

A strategic partner of Pipedrive in Norway helping customers all over the country to get the most out of their CRM and reach their goals for growth.


Imanta, Spain

Implementing Pipedrive as a unique CRM to improve sales process by integrating sales and marketing. Imanta has 25+ years experience in digital sales and marketing with strong skills in Analytics.


Vojigo AB, Sweden

Helping individuals and companies within B2B to increase their sales performance by combining traditional sales methods with customized sales processes and modern digital sales tools


Flowbird Ltd., U.K.

A Sales and CRM agency helping clients nurture their sales leads, retain and grow their customer bases by merging the gap between the sales and marketing.


Motii, Australia & Asia

Pipedrive CRM specialists who provide sales, marketing and automation services to clients in Asia and Australia.

Partners to be published later in 2023

Partners to be published later in 2023

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