Pipedrive - Typeform Survey with OneClick

Discover the process of sending Typeform Surveys to your clients with OneClick from Pipedrive. Get the results directly on the deal. 

Ask away.

Customer satisfaction surveys are effective when the questions are relevant and sent at an appropriate time. However, automatically sending surveys when a deal is won or a specific Pipedrive stage is reached may not be optimal.

Fortunately, Pipedrive users can now use OneClick to send feedback requests when they know it’s the right time. A request will be automatically sent at OneClick. Once completed, the customer’s responses will be delivered to the deal and the owner notified.

  1. Install OneClick in Pipedrive. It’s easy and free.
  2. Once done, the app will appear in Pipedrive’s left sidebar for deals, orgs, and persons.
  3. Build a zapier.com Zap or a make.com Scenario to create the invoice at OneClick

How to build a zap?